RV Spot Paint

People generally get their Motorhome, Travel Trailer, or RV painted for one of two reasons: An old RV paint finish that's tired, dull, cracked or chipped calls for painting the entire RV. But If the RV paint finish is fine, we can help maintain resale value and dramatically improve the overall appearance of your RV by repairing only the damaged areas and then matching them to the existing surface color.

In spot painting, a multiple masking process ensures an accurate blending of the new and old painted surfaces, and protects the undamaged areas of your RV's finish.

Spot painting requires a special multi-step application process to ensure a quality blending of the new and old RV paint finishes. This blending process requires we sequentially blend up to three separate applications beyond the original area. A clear coat is applied to ensure an accurate gloss match and a seamless, durable RV paint repair.

If you are tired of seeing minor dents and scratches but thought it would be too expensive or too much of a hassle to get repaired, come by and get an estimate, you might be surprised as to how affordable it may be to get your unit looking great again.