RV Metal

Bakersfield RV Center can assist in repairing or replacing metal siding on your travel trailer. Whether it's damaged or loose metal from aging or lack of maintenance or more involved like collision damage or a tree falling on your travel trailer. We can obtain and install RV metal and repairing damaged wall framing on any manufacturers unit restoring your travel trailer back to it's original factory condition.


The metal siding on most Travel trailers is durable so long as it stays secure and the sealants have been maintained to keep the underlying wood framing protected from the elements. As your travel trailer ages the staples which hold the metal secure to the wood framing can work loose causing unsightly bowing or loose metal. When this begins to occur, it is imperative that the metal be refastened or severe metal damage will occur.

Loose RV metal leads to damaged metal as the air from road travel gets beneath the panels and the RV metal panels will begin to bend and tear off the sidewall. Of course if caught in time, the existing RV metal can be removed and refastened properly avoidingsdc12294sdc12291 the cost of purchasing new RV metal and graphics.

Likewise, if the sealants around the moldings at the edge of the metal are not maintained water can get to the underlying wood supports rotting the wood which in turn allows the metal to come loose. All of this can be avoided by inspecting your RV sealants regularly and re-sealing when necessary.